Linux® Sub-License

As from 2006-11-20 we have a Linux® sub-license.

To: nkukard (at)
Subject: Application Approval Statement - Linux Sublicense
From: lmi_app (at)
Reply-To: lmi_app (at)
Message-Id: <>
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2006 09:30:17 -0800 (PST)

Dear Nigel Kukard,

LMI has reviewed your application to use the mark "##linux" and,
based on the information you provided to us, we have approved it
for sublicensing.

Sublicense number: 20061120-0037

Linux Sublicense Version: v2.0

Issuance date: 11/20/06 17:30:16 UTC

Statement of goods/services:


  Good day,

  This mark is for a Linux user group on the freeNode network.

  It is an *about* channel for which I'm the owner. The channel name
  is ##linux, owner myself (nick WildPikachu).

  We have a website, registered by myself (still getting people
  involved in its development) ...

  Our channel ranges from around 400 to 550 users and is rapidly

  There are no fees involved to users.

  Kind Regards
  Nigel Kukard

This Sublicense is perpetual subject to the terms of the Linux
Sublicense Agreement, which can be reviewed at

Under the terms, among other things you will need to notify us if
you cease using the Sublicensee Mark or if you want to apply for
another use of the Linux mark. Please also remember to provide
proper attribution as required in the Sublicense.

To notify LMI of a change in sublicensee's address or any other
factors affecting the terms of the Sublicense agreement, including
those noted above, please email lmi_app (at) or write to:

LMI Oregon LLC
12725 SW Millikan Way
Suite 400
Beaverton, OR  97005
United States of America

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about your
sublicense or LMI's licensing program at lmi_app (at)
Thank you for participating in LMI's licensing program, and for
your commitment to the Linux trademark.

LMI Applications Administrator

----- Receipt for Your Records -----

License Number: 20110127-0322
Full Name: Nigel Kukard
Email: nkukard (a.t)
[removed] Company Name: individual Website: Street Address: [removed] Street Address: [removed] City: [removed] State: [removed] Zip / Postal Code: [removed] Country: [removed] Previous Sublicense?: 0 Previous Sublicense No: Sublicense Mark: #Linux on freenode Sublicense Mark URL: www. Goods: Services: This mark is for "freenode #Linux", the official freenode Linux IRC chatroom . The purpose of the "freenode #Linux" chatroom is to open up the topic of Linux to the general public and promote community participation on working together, discussing and solving issues. This is a family friendly channel where excessive language usage and off-topic discussion is frowned apon. The official representative and owner of #Linux is Nigel Kukard , with nickname of "WildPikachu" on the freenode network. We have a website, registered by myself Geo Regions: North America South America Europe Asia Africa Australia Antarctica ----- Receipt for Your Records -----

Notification of Granted License: Sublicense has been granted

Thank you, Nigel Kukard for your interest in the Linux
Foundation Linux Mark Program.

Your sublicense request has been reviewed by our team. 

License No. 20110127-0322 has been granted!

If you have additional questions, or comments, please feel
free to contact us at


The Linux Foundation